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Things To Learn Before Buying A Leather Sofa

leather sofa

It is leather that is one of the most favored upholstery covers for our sofas, chairs, corner sofas, sofa beds and footstools. Yet with so many available grains, coatings, and textures, it can usually get confusing about which type works best for your sofa.

But don’t be afraid, because in this complete guide, we eliminate most of the confusion about leathers, helping you select the ideal leather sofa for your sweet home.


Authentic leather is a natural product, it’s warm and lasting, and has individual features that make each hide exceptional. Leather will constantly bring the marks of its natural origin, and these characteristics can be seen as scratches, growth marks, fiber density areas, and hair pores. The particular properties in no way diminish from the leather’s wearing standards.

Leather is produced by curing animal skins — a process generally referred to as tanning.


Cattle skins are known as hides, which mix most of the leather used in the manufacture of upholstered furnishings. The cost of the different finishing processes applied after tanning that causes different prices for the leathers.

Consequently, there’s a certain trade-off among appearance and ease of care when it comes to choosing a quality leather sofa. Leather, especially classic designs, is the best option for both modern and traditional sofas.

Upholstery Leather Made

A cattle hide comes at the tannery that was salted for preservation. Next, it is soaked in chemicals that dissolve hair follicles and cause it to expand to about 8mm in thickness. It is then divided by its thickness, separating the upper layer with the hard-wearing grain surface to be used for leather upholstery. The hide then undergoes a process of tanning using chemicals based on chromium. This procedure is now the chosen modern method.

The hide is graded according to the size and degree of scarring and blemish once tanned and dried.

The less-scarred hides likely to be used for full-grain leathers, while on their top surface, hides with a degree of scarring are gently buffed and used to make corrected grains.

Types of Leather Used for Your Furniture

There are some different leather types which are used for sofas and chairs.

Such as:

Pigmented Leather

The most durable type, and is used in most upholstery of furniture. A polymer surface coating which consist of pigments provides the durability. The coating can be done to be embossed, printed, or plain using modern technology. The surface coating enables a higher resistance to soiling, scuffing and fade.

Aniline Leather

This leather is the most natural-looking, with the animal hide’s unique surface characteristics still visible. Pure aniline leather is only colored with dye, not any polymer and pigment surface coating. To improve its appearance and provide some protection against spillage and soiling, a light non-pigment surface coating may be used.

With aniline leather, the amount of natural marks and shade difference should be expected, while this type of leather can be sensitive to the effects of sunlight and also more quickly absorbs liquids. High maintenance is needed on aniline leather sofas to maintain in excellent condition.

Semi-Aniline Leather

This leather is longer lasting than aniline leather while retaining a natural look. The application of light surface coating that contains a small amount of pigment ensures the increased durability. This guarantees a more consistent color, and gives semi-aniline leather sofas an extra level of protection.

Are sofas made from leather comfortable?

Quality leather sofas feature to be extremely comfortable, particularly when combined with soft cushioning and supportive frames. Here, we set a great deal of care and effort into ensuring that each of our sofas satisfies our high standards of comfort. Once it’s delivered, you can expect a lots of happy times spent relaxing on your new sofa.

In ancient times, leather furniture has been used in a wide range of situations for a Century where comfort is at scanty. There’s a reason they’re preferred among therapists and psychologists who want their patients to feel secure and comfortable throughout their sessions.

Durability of Leather Sofas

Indeed, authentic leather sofas are some of the most durable anywhere and they can last a lifetime with the proper care and treatment. Leather has its intrinsic resistance to water, which makes it easier to clean than fabric if you pour something accidentally. In its resistance versus depreciation, leather really comes into its own. It’s a naturally sturdy material that will hold up well for daily use, but furthermore, any pick-up scuffs will add character.

In its resistance versus depreciation, leather really comes into its own. It’s a naturally sturdy material that will hold up well for daily use, but furthermore, any pick-up scuffs will add character.

Please keep in mind that none color fast clothing and apparel dye can be transferred to leather/fabric and is mostly more visible in light leather/fabric colors like whites, creams and ivory. For additional details, we suggest that you always look the labels on your clothing and garments.

Leather Vocabulary

  • Grain

It is used to describe the design of fine embossed lines that cover the area of most finished leathers.

  • Full-Grain Leather

Sometimes referred to as the top-grain leather, a type of leather in which the top-most layer remains untouched. Any natural scars or blemishes will remain as evidence of the hide’s origin while retaining its natural smooth surface.

  • Corrected Grain Leather

This is leather which has acquired a very fine buffing from the top surface to lessen the appearance of any raised scars. After finishing, it is quite common for such a leather to receive a fine embossed effect that will help hide the visibility of any scars.

  • Splits

Following the chemical treatment of a hide, it is then placed through a slicing machine, which slices it through its thickness. The top portion, containing the hard-wearing outer skin or grain, is used for making upholstery leather.

The ‘split’ under section has no hard-wearing grain surface, and appears to have suede on both sides. This is used to produce items made from suede. Some low-cost leather manufacturing methods were known to cover one side of a split with a heavy pigment coating to construct an artificial grain surface.

When ordering your quality leather sofa with us, it’s necessary to know that we only use high-quality materials for its upholstery. Our squad has an unbelievably sharp eye for quality when it comes to all leather things. You’re destined to find the perfect type for your home with a variety of pigmented, semi-aniline, and aniline leathers available.

It has various types for you to choose from and we believe they are few of the finest and most popular materials on the market, with a range of available colors and textures. Either you’re looking for a black, blue, or grey sofa or something else; we’re going to be able to produce a piece of leather that suits your home decoration. We are certain that when upholstered on your furniture they will look fabulous.

In case you have any inquiries about any of the leathers that will be used for your leather furniture, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to assist. Make sure explore our ranges of sofa, chair, corner sofa, sofa bed and footstool to find your perfect design today.